Honor Our Military, Inc

Supporting our Troops – Honoring our Veterans


In 2001 the Veterans Day Parade of Milwaukee, Inc. was formed as a result of the cancellation of the annual Veterans Day Parade in Milwaukee in 2000. The founders wanted to make sure the our veterans would never again be forgotten. For almost 10 years now the Veterans Day Parade of Milwaukee, Inc. has coordinated and sponsored the Annual Veterans Day Parade and Day of Honor in downtown Milwaukee. The event has grown larger each year with more veterans and military participating in the event and more spectators in attendance to show their appreciation to those who have served and sacrificed for our country.


In 2003 Jeff Bukowski was shipping care packages to his daughter serving overseas in Iraq. As he continued to send packages he learned that many more soldiers serving overseas were also in need of items to make their tour bearable and to keep their moral up. So he formed Wisconsin We Care and started shipping to several Wisconsin soldiers and units on a regular basis. Wisconsin We Care has grown to shipping to approximately 150 soldiers each month.


In 2004, the Veterans Day Parade of Milwaukee, Inc. held a support our troops collection in conjunction with the annual Veterans Day Parade. The drive was almost too successful. The collection yielded 2 semi’s loaded with product and $40,000.00 to cover shipping costs. By early 2005, it was clear that the collection would be difficult for the small group of parade volunteers to handle in a timely fashion. Consequently the parade entered into a partnership with Wisconsin We Care, a yearly participant in the parade, to handle the collection.


The partnership between The Veterans Day Parade of Milwaukee, Inc. and Wisconsin We Care was a natural relationship and both have continued to grow over the years with the support of each other.